Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ozzie Breakie

Fish Killer  2

Breakfast Ozzie Style

Two days of sailing towards the western point of Australia. We're making sure we're catching most of the species that are swimming in these waters. So far we've had a Grey Mackerel, a Spanish Mackerel, A Longtail Tuna, A school Mackerel, Giant Trevally, a small barracuda which we released  and this morning the captain had good fight with a medium sized Mackerel Tuna :) Fish on the menu for a few days !!!

Cheers to all :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fish Fish Fish and more Fish

Ozzie Fish Killer  1

Fish Serial Killer


Finally arrived in Western Australia two days ago. A three day sail from Timor without any wind and we finally dropped anchor in the port of Broome, a small town almost at the northern tip of Oz. Customs came onboard and were really easy going, then the dreaded australian quarantine man finally showed and to our surprised allowed us to keep most of our food ! We'd been wondering what was going to be confiscated since Australia is really tough on things you can bring into the country. In the end, we only had to give up a few onions and a bit of chicken and we were cleared into the country and allowed to go onshore.

The first stop was of course the local pub where we got to finally enjoy drinking our first cold ozzie beer, served in a cold glass !!!! It was not the only one we got to ingest that night :) Such a good feeling to be back in Oz. this is where i first though about going sailing on a boat almost 7 years ago while camping on the west australian coast. I was on my way to Oz 5 years ago on the first Kalakuta, but sold the boat before getting here… So it's pretty special for me to finally be here, sailing down the coast of this beautiful country. And good fun to have Ozzie Tristan here with me. He jumped onboard in Timor for a ride home and he is catching so much fish i already have no more space left in the fridge or freezer : Mackerels, Tuna, we're on a rampage :) The waters in Oz are so full of life, we have to restrain ourselves from catching too much food :) The Freezer and the fridge is already full !

We're now on our way down the coast towards Exmouth and the Ningaloo reef, then down to Gnaraloo for the windsurf season.

Just living my dream :)



18deg, 30.062S 121deg, 26.980E

Monday, August 19, 2013

On the Way to Oz

Tristan and the Fish

Fresh Lunch
Finally left Rote Island on saturday after more than a month of Surfing perfect indonesian waves… The tiny village of Nembrala is a very quiet place, and apart from surfing there's not much to do, so after a while it was getting a bit boring. Had time to meet a couple of funny ozzies out there, and one of them came for a ride on the boat back to Oz. Tristan's from Melbourne and will be joining the trip probably all the way to Exmouth. In the mean time he is the master fisherman onboard. It was good timing to hook that fish this morning as we were running low on fresh food. Grilled G.T for lunch :)

Broome tomorrow, back to "civilization" !