Friday, July 26, 2013

Waves, waves and more waves

Surf s up

Cruising in the waters of Nembrala


Nembrala, almos 3 weeks since we arrived. Still enjoying the place. Haven't been able to find a good place to windsurf the waves, so surfing has been the main activity onboard. Wking up early, checking the swell, breakfast than a short dinghy ride to the spot, jump in the water and catch as many waves as our arms can… Then come back and heal the bruises : Split chin for one, sprained shoulder for the other and  bruised rib for the captain :) Still enjoying life in Indo though, but now quite eager to sail down to Western Australia for the wind season. More waves and more wind for the coming months, hopefully...



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  1. pas mal pas mal...
    je vois que tu as du style, vieille fripouille! je croyais que tu m'avais dit que tu ne pourrais plus faire de surf :-)
    Grosses bises