Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Still Floating

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Morning Sunshine


The Banda Sea : we'll both probably remember that crossing ! After Seven days of slow motoring, we finally hit some wind yesterday. And Strong wind ! The sea was all over the place. We were in for a 24 hours non-stop uncomfortable ride : Naughty seas, gusty strong wind, rain showers, the whole menu to make you love boating !!!!

In 25 to 30 knots of wind, my boat is pretty fast, and usually that's makes me really happy… But yesterday, we were looking for ways to slow it down trying not to break it on the harsh Banda sea ! Then just as we were eating some Lunch, we heard a loud bang on the portside hull… We'd just hit a big floating log doing 10 knots of speed. We slowed down and since it was to dangerous to dive, we dropped a waterproof camera on a pole to inspect the damages.The daggerboard took the main hit and luckily it pushed the log out of the way of the rudder. We couldn't do anything about it yesterday so we kept on sailing, full of adrenaline ! We will have to invent some way to make a temporary repair once in Timor.

That brings us to the definition of the day. Yachting : Finding ways to repair your boat in exotic places...



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