Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stamps, Paperwork and Smiling Faces


This is not a Filipino Fishing boat

Indonesia is a place of extreme contrasts. We arrived in Sangihe late last night and drifted in front of the bay, waiting for the sunrise to enter and anchor. Off to Immigration at 8am and the fun start : everyone here was extremely friendly and funny, really happy to see a foreigner, but it takes forever to get a stamp in your passport : Forms, ink, copies, discussions and a bit of watching the TV can break most peoples mood… But as everyone who's been to Asia knows, time is elastic here so better smile and let it flow...

6 hours later, we're checked in to the country, have most of our authorizations for the boat except for the custom clearance : The officer was off to another island that day and the option of waiting for him to come back on "monday" didn't sound too attractive to me. I guess i'll do that later :) or not at all ! And we even managed to buy diesel. And i say "manage" because you need a "permission" to buy fuel as a foreigner here :) Don't loose your nerves ! But in those 6 hours spent running around for stamps and endless forms, i still managed to meet extremely friendly faces and will really look forward to coming back here. But now we're back on the water, really want to get to the waves down in timor as soon as possible.

Terimakasi Indonesia ;)


03deg 29.230N  125deg 27.940E


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