Friday, July 12, 2013

It can get better but that's already pretty good

Nembrala SunsetJust another sunset...


First day in Nembrala, Rote Island. Found a really good spot to anchor, very calm and close to the surf break. After a much needed 12 hour sleep, a bit of cleaning and repairs on the boat, the wind picked up and Steve and myself went for a short windsurfing session. The wind dropped very quickly but it was still really good to jump off the boat and speed along the coast in perfect clear blue water. Then after lunch, the swell finally arrived. We all jumped in the dinghy, motored to the edge of the reef and jumped in the water to start paddling. Got my first waves in 4 years. Super nice spot, long easy waves, a bit crowded but better than nothing. So good to be back in the water, bobbing on your board, having fun with friends. A day like this makes you forget the 9 days spent at sea to come to this place.

Still haven't been on land yet :) There's a little village here, with a few nice looking small resorts straight on the beach so will have to check it out tomorrow after the morning surf session… WIll need to get a bit of fruits, veggies and hopefully find a place to drop the laundry !

Life is good


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