Thursday, July 11, 2013

In the right direction

Blogatrip 2013 07 11

Last Sunrise of the Trip


The sun is rising and we can see the island of Timor ! Great night, no drama and no rainstorm… It all started with the wind picking up really quickly, some quick reefing and furling,we're getting good at this, and then the current started pushing us away from our destination, we were literally sailing sideways ! The moral was a bt down for the first two hours, as it would have pushed us passed Timor and the next possible landfall would have been Sumba !!! Not where we wanted to go… It finally dropped completely after 2 hours and we motored a bit to win back what we had lost. And around 3am, the breeze came back, the current dropped weak and we've been sailing in the right direction since. We're hoping to get to Rote before sunset tonight so we can find a good spot to anchor in daylight, "only" a little bit more than 70 miles to go.

Can't wait to be there, I want some of that Tuna :)



09deg 47.250' S  123deg 24.462' E

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