Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodbye Philippines


The Captain's Desk on the new Kalakuta


More than one year since putting the boat in the water… It took almost 18 months to build it in Thailand, and finally in April 2012 i crossed from Thailand, through Cambodia and finally across the South China Sea back to the Philippines. Amazing solo trip to sail back to the country i love the most : the Philippines :) One year already here, meeting old friends and making new ones, cruising around the islands and discovering new amazing places : Still absolutely in Love with this country, and it's people :) Quite sad to be leaving but it's sometimes good to leave your comfort zone and go discover new places, so this morning my good friend Stefan and myself left Davao, in southern Mindanao, to go explore some remote islands south of Timor, in the Eastern part of Indonesia. 1000 miles to go and probably lots of good times ahead… Stefan was also crew my first Indo expedition 5 years ago, and apparently he things i'm not such a bad captain because he came back this year for another trip :)

We're hoping to find great waves and good wind for surfing and windsurfing, meet new people and most important, have Fun !!!


See you soon for more news :)





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  1. Hi Bentong! It's our pride that you love our country...and you call it your home. =) Of course you are Pinoy now and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Donald was sad he didn't get to say goodbye....he was working on the S Mar while you are going out this morning but I said it's better he didn't see you go because it almost made me cry.

    God bless you and come home to Philippines quickly! =D