Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boat Dollars

Today was one of those days where you just wonder what the *#%* you're doing on the water : Motoring all day against a strong current and doing no more than 4 knots, going through some weird unpleasant patches of waves coming out of nowhere, wind finally showing up but quite weak and straight in your nose. Then, to make the day even better, failure of the expensive main Gps antenna ! Not only you are slow and uncomfortable, on top of that it's costing a lot of cash ! But you still don't see yourself going back to living your previous life, so you end up finding ways to deal with this. You can't control nature so you just learn to accept the weather part of the deal, telling yourself you'd rather be here than in a traffic jam at 8 in the morning on the way to work… And to get over the financial part, you have the "Boat Dollar"...

The boat dollar is a wonderful concept, and a pretty flexible one too. One boat dollar equals one hundred real life dollars. As you get bigger, more expensive boats, you can change the conversion rate to a thousand dollars, or whatever suits you. You can now tell yourself that the failure of that Gps antenna will only cost 3 boat dollars ! With this in mind, you don't get totally mad at a pricy unreliable piece of electronic crap and keep on enjoying the cruising lifestyle. Boat dollars only get converted back into real life dollars when you receive your bank statement at the end of the month… But by then, you'll have discovered beautiful places, met new people and done things that can only be achieved by living on the water. And come to the conclusion that all of this is worth the hassle.

For Sailors, delusion can sometimes be the key to sanity !


03deg 00.292' S  127deg 21.074' E


  1. Garry KingshottMonday, July 08, 2013

    Spent some Boat Dollars myself on the weekend. Normal.

  2. Luv it! In Singapore now spending boat dollars, so that when we get into a boatyard we can spend more!!!!!!!
    Enjoying the blog, what a trip of contrasts so far.


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