Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Burned Out

Blogatrip Nembrala beach2012 07 16

Nembrala Beach


Fifth day here in Nembrala, Rote island. 5 days of surf. 5 days of great waves. We're all pretty much burned out every evening. In bed at 9pm after dinner and early wake up call to go surfing, usually at sunrise. This break is really good and people in the water are really relaxed. We've all had our share of waves. Everybody is smiling onboard :) The only downside is that the village is really really quiet, not much to do apart from surfing. There's a small restaurant, "Jennet's", and a few very pricy resorts which are not worth the price. So happy to be traveling on my boat. You can always leave and go exploring once you've had enough of one place.

But for now, all we can think of is the next surf session. It's that good here. My arms are going to fall but being in the water and having fun with friends is so good, i can't stop until i can barely paddle back to the dinghy. The swell is supposed to pick up in the next few days, i guess when it finally stops nobody will complain to have a day or two of just doing nothing…

Cheers from West Timor


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