Thursday, July 11, 2013


Blogatrip 2013 07 03

Anchored off Nembrala, Rote Island, Timor. 1200 miles from Davao, 9 days across the asian seas, thunderstorms, calm days and stormy days, no wind and too much wind, rain and sunshine, Joy and Pain… All part of the experience.

Also finally got reunited with my friend Mikael, from sweden, who just flew here and was waiting on the beach for us. Stefan, Mikael and myself met a few years ago in Northwest Australia, windsurfing the remote NorthWest australian breaks. It's the first time in seven years we're all back together, and i'm really looking forward to those 3 weeks on the boat with that crew. It's a  good mix of Swedish, swiss and french nut cases :) Once again, that crossing was not all pleasure but now that it's done, it feels really good and we are happy to have been on that adventure, doing something out of our little comfort zone.

off to cook that tuna now and then sleep.



10deg 52.939' S  122deg 49.061 E

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